What Does it Really Mean to Know Thyself?

The concept of getting to know yourself became popular with The Matrix movies. And like most spiritual topics today, there is a wide variety of interpretations for what know thyself really means.

Most people believe the idea of knowing yourself came from an inscription at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and is of Greek origin. Many Greek writers, sages, and scholars throughout the centuries have given similar pieces of advice.

However, the idea that your body is a Temple of God and that to know God you must know thyself is actually an Ancient Egyptian proverb:

"Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods."

While know thyself is attributed to self-awareness, even today, there is no lack of controversy over how to go about gaining this knowledge of ourselves.

Some of the ancient sages thought it was a command for man to remember his proper place in the whole of creation, not setting himself up above God, and developing a healthy humility.

On the other hand, Socr…

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