Harry Potter and the Alchemy Theory

Alchemy is a spiritual tradition that goes back to ancient Egypt. The idea behind the Art is transforming a lead-based consciousness into something pure and golden. A lead-based consciousness is undeveloped, so the awareness or soul is corruptible, weak, easily deceived, and manipulated by unseen forces. The snake in the Garden of Eden spoke to the baby awareness and it simply believed and acted on what it was told.
It decided that avoiding discomfort was its number one goal.
Some people refer to this easily influenced condition as being enslaved to the senses in the same way that the Hebrews became enslaved to the Egyptians in religious folklore. However, the practice of alchemy wasn't an organized religion. There was no single way to perform the Art. Each alchemist traveled the path alone in the same way that Harry does.
Like J. K. Rowling and her own alchemy theories, each alchemist came up with his or her own symbols and imagery to hide or mask from the uninitiated the variou…

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