Harry Potter and the Alchemy Theory

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Harry Potter and the Alchemy Theory

Alchemy is a spiritual tradition that goes back to ancient Egypt. The idea behind the Art is transforming a lead-based consciousness into something pure and golden. A lead-based consciousness is undeveloped, so the awareness or soul is corruptible, weak, easily deceived, and manipulated by unseen forces. The snake in the Garden of Eden spoke to the baby awareness and it simply believed and acted on what it was told.

It decided that avoiding discomfort was its number one goal.

Some people refer to this easily influenced condition as being enslaved to the senses in the same way that the Hebrews became enslaved to the Egyptians in religious folklore. However, the practice of alchemy wasn't an organized religion. There was no single way to perform the Art. Each alchemist traveled the path alone in the same way that Harry does.

Like J. K. Rowling and her own alchemy theories, each alchemist came up with his or her own symbols and imagery to hide or mask from the uninitiated the various operations involved. At the narrative level, for example, Rowling showcased the spiritual disciplines prized by Christianity and other religions. She staged the personal war for the souls of mankind between good and evil that such religions believe in.

That keeps the uninitiated turning the pages while preparing those who are beginning to question their purpose of living to receive their own invitation to Hogwarts.

At the same time, Rowling weaved alchemical concepts and deeper truths about Life and what's going on here within the narrative for those who are already students of Life, attempting to communicate with them on a deeper level than the imaginary competition between good and evil. Harry Potter and the alchemy theory contained in its pages goes beyond conditioning one's self to be good and setting up what one judges to be bad as the enemy.

For those who have been prepared to receive it, Harry Potter offers the power and forces necessary to transform lead into gold.

Why are Alchemical Manuscripts Cryptic?

Alchemical manuscripts and drawings were a way to communicate with other alchemists. Like ancient biblical scripture written by kabbalists for kabbalists, manuscripts and drawings were never written for the masses. They were written for those who already knew what was going on.

They were supplementary material designed to go along with the information and ideas that had been passed on to them from lip to ear. They offered ideas and illustrations that other alchemists had discovered or symbolically laid out the path for their posterity. For that reason, ancient manuscripts, drawings, and notes left behind are quite cryptic. They read like fairy tales.

They talk about frogs and serpents and magical stones. They weave great tales of adventure, such as Hercules and other stories of the Greek gods, or violent myths like Medusa and The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rose Cross with the truths and realities of transformation hidden therein.

The same can be said for the Harry Potter series. J. K. Rowling used alchemy to form the rules of magic for her fantasy world, but the concepts of Harry Potter and the alchemy theory found within its pages are far more extensive than just a fantasy world creation. While the publishing industry has chosen to brand Harry Potter a children's book, Harry Potter is a cryptic manuscript of power.

Because of the cryptic way it was designed, you'll find a wide variety of evaluations and interpretations that attempt to reveal what the images and symbols contained in Harry Potter mean. None of them agree. All are based on where the author is on the path and the degree to which they possess wisdom and understanding of themselves as well as others.

Likewise, our own path is just as cryptic as the path the ancient alchemists traveled. Life is the Teacher, and as such, we can be led in very different directions. However, there are a few steps that almost everyone passes through, and it's these similar steps that are often spoken of as the alchemical journey.

Alchemy is basically divided into three main stages of growth:

Black Stone

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We Wake Up During the Black Phase of Development

During the Black Phase of development, we are awakened from our slumber to discover that everything we thought we knew about ourselves, others, and the world we live in isn't real. Thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and even our personality have all been created by forces and suggestions other than ourselves to keep us enslaved to their whims.

Decisions we made before we were old enough to know better, choices that helped us to mentally, emotionally, and physically survive our childhood, were set up and became the rule of attitude from that point on.

Harry awoke at age 11 to discover that he wasn't who he thought he was. He's a Wizard and a very powerful one. So powerful, that he has inherited the cloak of invisibility from his father. However, for most of his life, he's been kept locked up in a cupboard under the stairs and told that he isn't normal or worth very much. He's been told what to eat, drink, think, and believe.

In the Dursley's household, it was very important for them to keep Harry blind to his true identity. That allowed them to retain control over Harry and manipulate him to their advantage. Since they were actually afraid of Harry, they starved him, abused him, and often neglected him in order to keep him ignorant of his true heritage.

Their pleasure and comfort depended on Harry not knowing who he really was. They knew but were afraid of what might happen if the truth got out, so they told Harry lies about his parents. Once Hagrid shared the truth with Harry and revealed who he really was, the Dursleys had to change their tactics.

There is no way to un-see what we have seen, so each lie and misconception we find loses its power over us. The Black Phase gets rid of every lie and misconception, but that can be a very lengthy process depending on how many false ideas we have about ourselves, especially if Life has to do all of the work. The Black Phase of alchemy can take dozens, if not hundreds, of lifetimes to complete.

We can quicken the process by observing ourselves, seeking out the illusions and misconceptions that are blocking the way to higher levels of consciousness in the same way that Harry and friends began consciously hunting down Voldemort's horcruxes after Dumbledore's death.

Feeling is the medium of communication between awareness and Spirit, so how we feel about what's going on and the decisions we make during trials and challenges is how reports are made. For example, in Book 2 when the kids attend Nearly Headless Nick's deathparty, Ron sees the condition of the food being served at the party and feels that it would be in their best interest to move away from the table. Spirit responded to Ron's feeling by having the trio make a 180-degree turn away from the rotten food on the table.

J. K. Rowling spent five books introducing us to ourselves and our intellectual and emotional reactions. Within those books she planted the keys of knowledge and development that can bring about the necessary changes to turn our lead-based consciousness (an infantile and impure awareness) into the degree of purity and strength needed to move into a silver-based consciousness.

White Stone

White Heart Stone
The White Stone is Something we ARE

The White Stone isn't something we do. The White Stone is something we ARE. J. K. Rowling can't offer us truth. We have to literally evolve into it. We do that by purifying our awareness and reporting everything we see that isn't us. Everything that doesn't serve Life's purposes has got to go, so Book 5 walks us through the trails and tribulations Harry must pass through in order to be transformed into the White Stone.

Many people have called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the Black Phase of Harry's development, but I personally don't see it that way. 

Yes, the book throws many challenges at Harry. He is confronted with his father's and Godfather's true characters. He still has personal possessions he hasn't let go of yet, but by the end of the book, everything he owns is taken from him in one way or another, including his Godfather.

Book 5 is the longest book in the Harry Potter series, but the description J. K. Rowling gives of Harry's neighborhood isn't dark. It's alchemical. It is the hottest day of the summer, which is drawing to a close. Summer is the harvest. Harry is ready to be harvested. Likewise, the green grass is yellowing. Yellow was often used by the ancient Egyptians to represent a golden consciousness. The White Stone isn't gold, but Harry's consciousness is moving from the raw green of nature to a yellowing that is more like the Sun.

In addition, a drowsy silence has fallen over the neighborhood. The not-I are still. They have retreated into the shade. The only person left outside was Harry Potter who lay flat on his back in the flower bed in front of his house. Jo tells us he was a bit bespectacled since he had grown a lot in a short amount of time. The dry method of alchemy is hot. Temperatures are unbearable for those who haven't achieved a certain degree of consciousness in prior lives.

Because of the heat, the dry method of alchemy is a very short path. It only takes Harry 7 years to make the complete journey from slumber to gold.

Someone just entering the Black Phase of alchemy wouldn't fit that description. This is the description of someone who is ready to face and pass through the challenges required to become the White Stone. He's laying on hot, hard earth. He's not comfortable, yet he has no desire to escape that discomfort because laying there is to his advantage in other ways. That's a strong clue that his childhood conditioning is no longer functioning.

In addition, Harry sees Dudley, his stepbrother, clearly and objectively as well as the neighbors. Harry watches and listens to what is going on around him. This is a very different Harry than the 11-year-old boy we met in Book 1. Although his words are not always without judgment, the Black Phase doesn't actually end until Harry can sustain the upper levels of consciousness, at least, most of the time. 

A White Stone isn't perfect. He isn't fixed. He waffles up and down the tones of consciousness like a wave.

The difference is that a Black Stone hardly ever enters into the realms of vital interest let alone enthusiasm or the ability to see clearly. Contentment is often the highest tone a Black Stone is able to reach before they fall back down into apathy, fear, resentment, or anger due to circumstances. Likewise, Book 5 doesn't end with Harry being a sweet Polly Ana. It ends with Harry completely drained and empty.

That emptiness is what allows Harry to be teachable.

With no preconceived notions of how things ought to be, Dumbledore begins to teach Harry how to be understanding as well as unravel the mystery of Voldemort and what's needed in order to defeat him. He also teaches Harry how to create an aim and then use that aim to achieve a given purpose. The lessons Harry learns in Book 6 are those necessary to evolve into the Red Stone.

Understanding that everyone, including self, only does what they feel is right, proper, or at least justifiable is paramount to being able to stay at higher levels of consciousness as well as move between the various levels at will. Deeper levels of consciousness carry additional responsibility and working toward a creative purpose is part of that.

While the 4 Dual Basic Urges are not bad, they are not our purpose for being here. They are simply side effects that we may or may not experience and enjoy as we carry out our true purpose to serve Life. From a White Stone perspective, it doesn't matter if we get the 4 Dual Urges or not. The purpose we have created for ourselves consciously is the aim, not pleasure and not comfort. It is clearing ourselves of the need for comfort that enables us to move into the challenges that come from attempting to fix or root our consciousness in the present moment.

That is one of the reasons why Harry decided to take Dumbledore's place at the end of Book 6 and consciously moved into a set of physically uncomfortable circumstances. He felt his purpose in life was to fulfill or complete what Dumbledore had started. Even if that led to his death. Were he overly concerned about physical comforts, like Ron, he would have run from his duty instead of walking face first into it.

Red Stone

Red Rose Tucked in a Rock
Fourth Way Aim: Retrieve the Rose

There is not a lot of information about the Red Stone level of consciousness. Partly, because we only have a few good examples of what it looks like, and partly, because it is just the White Stone with no tumbles or falls from grace. While a Red Stone might appear to be angry, judgmental, or fearful, it will always be to achieve a certain conscious purpose.

For example, Jesus Christ cleared the temple of the moneychangers with whips, but he had a valid purpose for consciously casting the not-I out of the temple. They were defiling his father's house and would not have taken him seriously if he had simply asked them to please leave.

Likewise, Harry and friends spent Book 7 hunting down the pieces of Voldemort's soul he had hidden in various artifacts and destroying them, one by one, so they could no longer -- ever -- take over the mind and control it again. The Red Stone is, therefore, permanent. While it isn't the end of the Path, as you move into various assignments and creative purposes thereafter, the Red Stone is often spoken of as being the end to the alchemical process.

In a way, that's true, but since the Red Stone has a personal cloak of invisibility, it's just as true that the Red Stone is only the beginning. Achieving pure consciousness comes with greater responsibility and being responsible never ends.

That's why the gate to the higher realms is closely guarded by the Christ force instead of the three-headed dog. Becoming one with that force isn't the pleasure that many Seekers believe it is. If you believe the goal is a non-disturbed existence in some far off galaxy or dimension, then you are still functioning from your infant-created purpose to be non-disturbed.

Just as Harry at the end of the war found nothing to be happy about, nothing to celebrate among all of the death and destruction he could see around him, pure consciousness is completely objective. It comes with a lot of sorrow and pain, compassion, and unconditional love. The type of love it takes to return here wearing the cloak of invisibility to assist others who wish to make the same journey home.

The Power of Harry Potter Speaks for Itself

Throughout the Harry Potter series, Harry touches the lives of many and makes a very real difference in those lives. He does exactly the same thing for the reader. While many laugh at the thought that Harry Potter contains real alchemical principles and ideas while wearing the mask of a simple children's story, the power of Harry Potter to transform your life speaks for itself. But don't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.