Harry Potter and the Alchemy Theory

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The Harry Potter series isn't just a fantasy tale.
It contains a road map to higher states of consciousness

Alchemy is a spiritual tradition that goes back to ancient Egypt. The civilizations of Egypt and others that sprung up during that time period were not evolved societies. Egypt didn't slowly grow into greatness. It just suddenly appeared, and with that appearing, became the spiritual capitol of the world.

Some believe that the original Egyptians were not of this planet, that they came here deliberately, for whatever reason, and brought their alchemical knowledge with them. In addition, Egypt appears to be the parental root of all religious traditions, including Christianity.

The story of a child born in humble beginnings, who came from the heavens to save mankind didn't originate with the Bible. That same story has played out across various backgrounds, cultures, and characters for as long as recorded history.

Just like in Harry Potter, alchemy theory is often referred to as the ancient wisdom, or wisdom of the sages, not only because it's been around for centuries, but because its path takes us from ignorance to expanded awareness and unconditional love.

The basic idea behind the Art is transforming a lead-based consciousness, one that is totally selfish and dependent on other people for its survival, into a pure and golden consciousness that remembers it is all there is and responds accordingly.

A lead-based consciousness is heavy.

It vibrates at a very slow rate, so it is dense and limited. This awareness, or soul, is corruptible, weak, and easily deceived. It has been manipulated by unseen forces, as well as the media, educational system, and society, the same as Harry has.

The snake in the Garden of Eden is said to have spoken to the awareness, most likely in the form of a strong urge, and the awareness listened, believed, and acted on the fantasy that it was told.

Through feeling, the awareness decided (without words) that avoiding discomfort and returning to the pleasantness it experienced in the womb was its number one goal. Avoiding pain became its reason for existing. Pleasure was more important and valuable than anything else, other than steering clear of all forms of disturbance.

Family Having Fun on Bumper Cars
Experiencing pleasure and avoiding pain
is the motivation and incentive for everything we do.

Some people refer to this easily influenced condition as being enslaved to the senses in the same way that the Hebrews became enslaved to the Egyptians in religious folklore. And in a way, that's true.

Humanity is enslaved to powerful forces it knows not of, but the entrapment is due to transferring our identity to the physical senses as an infant and forgetting that the new focal point, that new perspective of life, was not us.

This switch in identity created the mess we're currently in today. Forgetting who and what we are, where we are, and why we're here has enabled unseen forces to trap us in a narrow band of manufactured, artificial consciousness, in the same way that Harry was kept in a tiny cupboard under the stairs.

That tiny cupboard, filled with spiders, was the only way the Dursleys knew how to keep Harry under control, so the cupboard was where Harry spent most of his time and the only world that Harry knew.

And it's the same for us.

Trapped here in third-dimensional reality, we have lost touch with our higher selves and have no idea that we are actually multi-dimensional beings. Alchemy theory is designed to open your mind and heart to a whole new world, in the same way that Harry was introduced to a brand new reality.

You just have to be willing to take off the blind fold you've been wearing for most of your life, leave your stale, out-dated beliefs at the door, and enter into the real world that Harry Potter and the alchemy theory will introduce you to today.

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You are Not Who You Think You Are

Almost everything you believe originally came from someone else. Your thoughts, ideals, feelings, and even your desires are not your own.

You are a product of your family, school, social status, and environment. Your mind is like a patchwork quilt that was designed by the media, religion or lack thereof, educational system, and those you trusted to know more than you do.

The heart is closed and often crystallized because it's too painful to admit that you have been deceived. It's easier and more comfortable to perceive the world through a foggy cracked mirror than it is to do what it takes to perceive reality.

The Dursleys accomplish this task by categorizing their world into normal versus not-normal.

Harry's Bedroom Cupboard Under the Stairs - at Warner Brothers
The Dursleys considered it normal for their Nephew
to live in their cupboard under the stairs.

Those who live in the fantasy world of Muggles (non-magic folks) are normal. Those who live in or interact with the spiritual world are not normal. This allows the Dursleys to keep pretending that the invisible world of spiritual forces does not exist. Deep down they know it does, but if they tell themselves that lie enough times, the subconscious will begin to believe it's true.

Alchemy wishes to show you a way out of the your daily suffering, your inner conflict, and struggle to change the world to fit your ideals. It can help you open the mind and heart, which won't always be pleasant, but the practice of alchemy isn't religion. There's no false promises of a heavenly existence and lies to keep you coming back each Sunday.

While alchemy can teach you how to free your mind from the tyranny, there is no single way to perform this Art. No one will stand over you, telling you:

"This is how it's done."

Each alchemist travels the path alone in the same way that Harry does. While Harry gathered his friends around him, and kept them close by, they couldn't do The Work for him.

He had to realize what he was, find the courage to come face-to-face with Voldemort (his childhood conditioning and worst nightmare), and stop defending the false picture he had of himself and Professor Snape -- for the real magic of transformation to take place.

And its the same with us.

Nothing about your consciousness and perception of the world will change until you see, listen, and do.

Alchemy Theory Teaches You to See, Listen, and Do

Harry Potter is Harry's story.

It's told through Harry's perspective, which is as fractured and faulty as trying to look through a piece of shattered glass.

Pane of Splattered Glass, Cracked Like a Spider Web
Our perspective of reality is as clear as trying to
look at the world through a pane of cracked glass.

Harry thinks he knows what's going on. He believes that Professor Snape hates him because the look the professor gave him on his first day of school made Harry feel uncomfortable.

It didn't matter that Harry discovered the truth about the professor by the end of the book, how Snape was protecting him, and not trying to kill him. Harry had already set up an account against the professor, so there was nothing the professor could do to pay that debt. By the time Harry arrived at school the following fall, what he'd learned about Snape was lost in his feelings of resentment.

Harry remains in this blinded, distorted condition, going from lesson to lesson, throughout the books, until he reaches a point in his personal development where he is willing and able to see Professor Snape for what he really is, listen to his history, and let go of the hate he carried for him in his heart.

Awareness stays broken and childish until we see ourselves and others for what we really are.

Harry Potter is Structured Like a Mystery School

At the narrative level, J. K. Rowling showcased the spiritual disciplines prized by Christianity and other religions. She staged the personal war for the souls of mankind between good and evil that such external religions believe in and teach.

Kids attend classes, like any other school, but they were not taught reading and math. This outward connection with false reality keeps the uninitiated turning the pages, because school and bullies and hurt feelings feel familiar, and the reader can relate to the surface lessons.

But at the same time, Rowling is preparing those who are beginning to question the purpose of living to receive their own invitation to Hogwarts.

For the alchemist, the invitation comes from First Matter.

For Harry, the invitation came from Dumbledore through the vehicle, or bodily presence, of Hagrid.

At times, you might be introduced to alchemical ideas through living persons, but you don't officially become a student of Life until Life chooses you as a student. This choosing requires First Matter to make her presence known to you.

This isn't as exclusive as it sounds, for First Matter is no respecter of persons and desires that everyone receive the truth of what they are and what's going on here, but most people are not ready to take that step.

Look at how Vernon Dursley reacted when forced to leave his home just before the final war, even though he knew that staying put the lives of his wife and son in danger. Despite knowing the truth, Vernon continued to be resistant. He had no capacity to see beyond the limitations of his own resentments and insanity.

At the same time that J.K. Rowling fulfills the needs of those who live in and attend the outer school, she weaves alchemical concepts and deeper truths about Life, and what's going on here on this planet, into the narrative for those who are already students of Life.

In this way, she can communicate additional self-knowledge and understanding on a deeper level than the imaginary competition between good and evil that she offers to those in the outer school. Harry Potter, and the alchemy theory contained in its pages, goes beyond conditioning one's self to be good and setting up what students judge to be bad as the enemy.

This is because judgment isn't found in higher states of consciousness.

Judgment, and the accounts one sets up against others, blocks personal development. It keeps the awareness confined in a cupboard under the stairs.

Even so-called righteous judgment that Mormons and other Christians use to justify the act of judging others doesn't get you into heaven as they suppose. That is just another lie. To judge appropriately, as Harry will eventually learn, you have to know and understand all of the circumstances. And few, if any of us, ever do.

The alchemy within the pages of Harry Potter seeks to destroy the blockages that limit the reader's understanding of self and reality, while helping them see themselves and humanity in a different way.

It offers you the opportunity to let go of your false judgments and ideals every time Rowling shows you that your judgement was wrong, but few people do because it's easier to embrace the lies and self-deception. 

However, for those who have been prepared to receive the gift of expanded consciousness, Harry Potter offers more than just a greater understanding of humanity. Harry Potter contains the alchemical power necessary to transform your lead into gold.

Why are Alchemical Manuscripts Cryptic?

Alchemical manuscripts and drawings were a way to communicate with other alchemists.

They offered ideas and illustrations that other alchemists had discovered or symbolically laid out the path for their posterity or themselves in future lives. For that reason, ancient manuscripts, drawings, and notes left behind are extremely cryptic. And many times, they even read like fairy tales.

These manuscripts talk about frogs and serpents and magical stones. They weave great tales of adventure, such as Hercules and other stories of the Greek gods, or they blend the violent myths of Medusa and The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rose Cross with the truths and realities of transmutation hidden within the symbolism.

The same can be said for the Harry Potter series.

According to J. K. Rowling, herself, she used alchemy to form the rules of magic for her fantasy world, but the concepts of Harry Potter and the alchemy theory are far more extensive and expertly placed within the pages than just a fantasy world creation.

While the publishing industry has branded Harry Potter a children's book, and laughed at the possibility that it was an actual alchemical manuscript, Harry Potter is a cryptic story of power.

Because of the way it was designed and structured, you'll find a wide variety of evaluations and interpretations online written by Seekers who have attempted to uncover and reveal what the images and symbols contained in Harry Potter mean to them.

None of these various sources agree, of course, but that doesn't matter. What you can see and perceive is based on where you are on the path of self-discovery and the degree to which you possess wisdom and understanding of your self and others. The more open your mind and heart is, the more you'll be able to see reality for what it is.

The path of return to sanity is just as cryptic and hidden as the path the ancient alchemists traveled.

Life is the Teacher, and as such, you can be led on a very personal journey of discovery. However, there are a few steps that almost everyone passes through, in one way or another, and it's these very similar steps that are often spoken of as the alchemical journey.

For example, alchemy is basically divided into the following three main stages of growth:

Black-Stone Consciousness

Chunk of Black Obsidian
The first stage of the alchemical process: Black Stone
It is often symbolized by a black crow.

During the Black Phase of personal development, you are awakened from your slumber to discover that everything you thought you knew about your self, others, and the world you live in isn't real.

The speed at which this happens depends on whether you're using dry-path or wet-path techniques. Symbolism also differs. The dry way is fast and symbolized by a crow. The wet way is extremely long and circular, and is symbolized by a frog.

In the Harry Potter story, both Neville and Harry are initiates to the alchemical process.

Although Neville and Harry were born at the end of July, only two days apart, Neville is traveling a slower path than Harry. We know this from the beginning of the story due to Neville's pet frog.

Harry's pet is a white owl, which infers that he is beginning from a more advance state than Neville is, even though the awareness of both boys has been severely fractured.

Thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and even your personality traits have all been created by forces and suggestions from those other than you to keep you enslaved and serving mammon, your childhood conditioning.

Some of those beliefs, habits, and rituals can be pretty insane, as you can see in Dobby, the house elf who initially serves the Malfoys and punishes himself each time he disobeys. Dobby is meant to show us our idiosyncrasies, our conflicting natures. 

Decisions you made before you were old enough to know better, choices that helped you to mentally, emotionally, and physically survive your childhood, when you couldn't communicate very well nor care for yourself, were set and became the rule of attitude for you, from that point on.

Harry awoke at age 11 to discover that he wasn't who he thought he was. Hagrid, from the race of giants, informs him that he is actually a Wizard and a very powerful one. So powerful, that he has inherited the cloak of invisibility from his father.

In the world of alchemy, the cloak of invisibility is given to those who have achieved a high state of consciousness in a prior life, but have returned to this planet to work with others less fortunate than themselves. To keep their presence hidden, they use the cloak of invisibility throughout their life, so no one will know who they are.

For most of Harry's life, he has been kept locked up in a cupboard under the stairs and told that he isn't normal or worth very much. He's been told what to eat, what to drink, what to think, and even what to believe, so he'll be like other normal Muggles and won't embarrass the Dursleys by revealing his true potential.

The cloak of invisibility often prevents high-status incarnates from even recognizing themselves because they are just as conditioned and mechanical as the rest of humanity. This allows them to work with specific individuals who might not respond well if the Master was not in disguise.

In the Dursley's household, it was very important for them to keep Harry blind to his true identity.

The blindness allowed Harry's aunt and uncle to retain control over Harry and manipulate him to their advantage. From their perspective, they are in complete control of the situation, and believe they are winning the game, even though Harry's path was actually plotted before he was born, and they don't have a chance in hell of holding Harry back.

The Dursleys are afraid of Harry and his power, so they have starved him, abused him, and often neglected him to keep him ignorant of his true heritage. Although, Dumbledore left them a note on the day he brought Harry to their house, asking them to treat Harry as if he were their own son, they haven't done what Dumbledore requested.

Instead, they treated Harry like a pet dog and not a human being -- exactly as the powers-that-be have done to us.

Their pleasure and comfort depended on Harry not knowing who he really was. They knew the truth about him, but they were afraid of what might happen if he discovered the truth about himself, so they told Harry a pack of lies about his parents.

This is exactly what the global rulers of this planet have done to us, as well, by establishing the various religious sects and spiritual traditions. They have told us lies about our parents, hid who we really are, and have treated us like animals instead of fellow-travelers.

Once Hagrid shared the truth with Harry and revealed who he really was, the Dursleys had to change their tactics. There is no way to un-see what you have seen, so each lie and misconception you find within your mind loses its power over you.

During the Black Phase of alchemy you deliberately seek out every lie and misconception you have. For most people, this is a very lengthy, wet, and cold process, especially if you have a lot of false ideas about your self and reality. It's gentle. It takes lots of experience, reflection, meditation, and correction to see only a small bit of movement.

If Life has to do most of the work, because you haven't been able to stay awake, or refuse to wake up at all, the Black Phase of alchemy can take dozens, if not hundreds, of lifetimes to complete.

To quicken the process, you must make the effort to observe your selves, seeking out the illusions and misconceptions that are blocking the way to higher levels of consciousness in the same way that Harry and friends began consciously hunting down Voldemort's horcruxes after Dumbledore's death.

Feeling is the medium of communication between awareness and Spirit, so how you feel about what's going on and the decisions you make during trials and challenges is how reports are made.

For example, in Book 2 when the kids attend Nearly Headless Nick's deathparty, Ron sees the condition of the food being served at the party and feels that it would be in their best interest to move away from the table. Spirit responded to Ron's feeling by having the trio make a 180-degree turn away from the rotten food on the table.

J. K. Rowling spent five books introducing us to ourselves and our intellectual and emotional reactions.

Within those five books she planted the keys of knowledge and personal development that can bring about the necessary changes to turn your lead-based consciousness (an infantile and impure awareness) into the degree of purity and strength needed to move into a silver-based consciousness called the White Stone.

White Stone

White Heart Stone
The White Stone isn't something you're given.
The White-Stone Consciousness is something you
evolve into. It's something you ARE.

The White Stone isn't something you do. It's also not something outside of you that you are given. It is a gift because you can't wake up by yourself, but the White Stone level of consciousness is something you evolve into.

As such, the White Stone is what you ARE.

J. K. Rowling can't tell you the you truth. You literally have to evolve into truth. This is because truth is directly connected with what you are. Some people call that something God. Others refer to it as our authentic self. Either way, the substance is conscious energy. Nothing exists but us.

You evolve by using self-observation to purify your awareness of everything that isn't you and reporting those not-you things (through direct feeling) to the higher mind. I call those things Not-I. Everything that doesn't serve Life's purposes is blocking you from reaching your true potential because you are Life, and Life is all there is.

The Not-I are not Life.

So, in Book five, Jo walks us through the trails, tribulations, and tests that Harry must pass through before entering the path of transformation and moving into a state of consciousness known as the White Stone. By the end of Book 5, Harry and Dumbledore will become ONE.

Since the Harry Potter story is told through the eyes of Harry, instead of Dumbledore, this isn't immediately obvious at the narrative level. This is because the unity comes in the form of one-on-one teaching instead of Harry taking on Dumbledore's identity. That act won't happen until the end of Book 6.

Many people have called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the Black Phase of Harry's development, akin to the Black Phase of alchemy, but I personally don't agree with that perspective. 

Yes, the book throws many challenges at Harry. He is confronted with his father's and Godfather's true characters, which he has to come to terms with. But he still has personal possessions he hasn't let go of.

However, by the end of the book, everything Harry owns, everything he finds valuable, is taken from him in one way or another, which includes his Godfather, Sirius Black. It's not just Book 5 where this is happening. This letting go process is occurring throughout all of the first five books, making book five the crescendo of the Black Phase of Alchemy.

It's finished.

Harry did the work. He completed the task of letting go of his initial childhood purpose, along with all of his built-up anger and resentment against the Dursleys, but once he got through yelling and screaming at Dumbledore, once he got all of that out, he was empty.

At that point, he had to rebuild. The old purpose for living was gone. He needed to create a new purpose for himself, the same as we do.

Book five is the longest book in the Harry Potter series, but the description J. K. Rowling gives of Harry's neighborhood isn't dark.

It's alchemical.

It is the hottest day of the summer, which is drawing to a close. Summer is the harvest, so Jo infers that Harry is now ready to be harvested. The fruit that's been growing throughout the first four books is ripe and ready to pick.

Likewise, the green grass is yellowing.

Yellow was used by the ancient Egyptians to represent a golden consciousness. This fact is super important when it comes to the Harry Potter story because Jo revealed that Professor Snape's skin is yellowish. While he dresses in black, the black Snape wears is simply the cloak of invisibility. It's what some spiritual traditions call "A Blind."

Professor Snape is powerful because he knows who he is, and doesn't have a false sense of his own identity anymore. He did when he was younger, yes. Which is why he first served Voldemort, but after waking up, Snape changed his identity back to what he really was and took upon himself a consciously chosen purpose to serve Life.

Professor Snape serves Dumbledore, no matter what it looks like from the outside. He does what Dumbledore tells him to do because it serves Dumbledore's invisible purposes.

Skins of some of the characters used in Egyptian wall drawings were yellow to depict their enlarged state of consciousness. The light within shines from our open heart outward into the world. There is no way for Snape to carry Lily in his heart without it being open, but that light isn't always visible, or even discerned, by those trapped within a lower state of consciousness because we tend to have a warped view of what love is.

If you listen to the talk on the web about Professor Snape, the Harry Potter community is divided in how they feel about him. Half believe he is the savior of the books and the other half believe that he is a devil. Neither are right.

Professor Snape is gray. He values a disciplined mind, so that is what we see. Those who value emotions over intellect don't see him for what he is. They have identified with Harry, as if Harry were real, and hate Snape the same as Harry does.

The difference?

These people never opened their heart to Snape when Harry did in Book 7.

The White Stone isn't gold, but Harry's consciousness is moving away from the raw green of nature to a yellowing -- the grass is beginning to turn yellow. This yellowing is more in line with the Sun. He's developing. He's growing spiritually.

Why Book 5 Isn't the Black Phase

A drowsy silence has fallen over the neighborhood.

The not-I -- all of Harry's thoughts, feelings, and ideals that are not him -- have become STILL. They have retreated into the shade. They are not trying to get Harry back into the fold. They are not pestering him. His mind is QUIET.



The only person left outside was Harry Potter who lay flat on his back in the flower bed in front of his house. Jo tells us he was a bit bespectacled since he had grown a lot in a short amount of time. 

The dry method of alchemy is an extremely hot path.

Temperatures (trials and tests) are unbearable for those who haven't achieved a certain degree of consciousness. It's described in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rose Cross as a consuming way. Christian is warned that people who choose that path must already be refined to a certain degree. It's not for the ignorant.

You must have reached the point where you're ready to question not only your purpose for living, but also have the ability and strength to withstand the heat. You have to see challenges for what they are and find value in those challenges, as well as have the courage to see yourself in your true light.

If you're chasing pleasure, you won't survive the heat because the dry way shows you many things at the same time. It doesn't lead you line upon line. It rips your identity away from you all at once.

This is why the dry method of alchemy isn't pleasurable. It's difficult and uncomfortable. It's extremely painful because you lose everything you have and everything you are in a very short amount of time.

Because of the heat, the dry method is a very short path. It only takes Harry seven years to make the complete journey from slumbering ignorance to gold. Someone just entering the Black Phase of alchemy wouldn't fit that description. 

This is the description of someone who is ready to face and pass through the final challenges required to become the White Stone.

Harry is laying on hot, hard earth. He's not comfortable, yet he has no desire to escape that discomfort because laying there is to his advantage in other ways. This is a strong clue that his childhood conditioning has become considerably weakened. It's barely functioning.

In addition, Harry sees Dudley, his stepbrother, clearly and objectively as well as the neighbors.

Harry watches and listens to what is going on around him. This is a very different Harry than the 11-year-old boy we met in Book 1. Although his words are not always without judgment, the Black Phase doesn't actually end until Harry can sustain the upper levels of consciousness, at least, most of the time. 

Difference Between a White Stone and a Black One

A White Stone isn't perfect.

He isn't fixed in the here and now. He waffles up and down the tones of consciousness like a wave. This is one of the reasons why Harry continues to lie up until the very end. He's not red.

The difference between a White Stone and a Black Stone is that a Black Stone rarely enters into the realm of vital interest let alone enthusiasm or the ability to see clearly. Contentment is often the highest tone a Black Stone is able to radiate before they fall back down into apathy, fear, resentment, or anger due to circumstances.

This is why religion only shows you how to reach contentment. In religious tradition, contentment is the goal. You're fine with how things are.

Some spiritual traditions rename contentment and call it peace, heaven, or nirvana, but it's still contentment, and those in that state of being still function within the lower realms of consciousness. While free of inner conflict, struggle, and resistance, contentment is not an active state. You aren't creating or serving Life. You're just being.

This is the state we see Draco reach by the end of the series.

In a way, you could call contentment the borderline between the higher and lower states of consciousness. It's a temporary place because contentment never lasts for long before another challenge surfaces to confront your false beliefs.

These challenges can either knock you back off of your throne and back into the lower realms or they can catapult you into the higher, active states of creating and relating to humanity because to get to vital interest, you have to pass through contentment first. Even if it's only for a second.

Book 5 doesn't end with Harry being a sweet Polly Ana. It ends with Harry completely drained and empty. That emptiness is what allows Harry to be refilled with correct knowledge.

Difference Between a White Stone and a Red One

With no preconceived notions of how things ought to be, Dumbledore begins to teach Harry how to be understanding as well as unravel the mystery of Voldemort, his childhood conditioning and what's needed to defeat it. He also teaches Harry how to create an aim and then use that aim to achieve a given purpose.

The lessons Harry learns in Book 6 are those necessary to evolve into the Red Stone.

Understanding that everyone, including self, only does what they feel is right, proper, or at least justifiable is paramount to being able to stay at higher levels of consciousness as well as move between the various levels at will.

Deeper levels of consciousness carry additional responsibility and working toward a creative purpose is part of that.

While getting attention and approval or feeling important and secure are not bad, they are not your purpose for being here. They are simply side effects of the human experience that you may or may not experience as you make a contribution to Life.

From a White Stone perspective, it doesn't matter if you get pleasure from what you're doing. Attention and approval may or may not come. The purpose you create for yourself at that level of being is the aim. Not pleasure and not comfort. 

By clearing yourself of the need for comfort and approval enables you to move into the challenges that come when you attempt to fix or root your consciousness in the present moment -- eternally.

A White Stone falls from grace and back into the lower regions now and then because they haven't learned how to consistently maintain the upper levels of consciousness like a Red Stone has. That only comes with practice. 

Red Stone

Red Rose Tucked in a Rock
Fourth Way Aim: Retrieve the Rose and Return HOME

At the end of Book 6, Harry decides to take Dumbledore's place and consciously moved into a set of physically difficult circumstances. He felt his purpose in life was to fulfill or complete what Dumbledore had started, so that's what he chose to do with himself. Even if that led to his death.

This is a pattern seen in alchemy all of the time, where the student eventually replaces the teacher, and then, becomes a teacher to others. It's how the world is lifted and yet maintains balance.

Were Harry overly concerned about physical comfort, like Ron was angry due to their lack of food in the wilderness, he would have run from his duty to humanity instead of walking face first into danger. Harry would have avoided hunting down the horcruxes and would not have destroyed them because each confrontation endangered his physical life.

Each confrontation came with the risk of physical death, which meant he'd have to come back in a new physical body and start the game all over again from square one.

If Harry ran from responsibility, and allowed Voldemort (his childhood conditioning) to survive in its scattered form, the wizarding world would have grown more and more enslaved to Voldemort as time went on.

This is why contentment can be a dangerous game to play if that's all you want to achieve. Contentment allows your conditioning to stay in charge of how you think, feel, and act.

There is not a lot of information about the Red Stone level of consciousness. Partly, because we only have a few good examples of what it looks like, and partly, because it is just the White Stone with no tumbles or falls from grace. Everything done is deliberate with a certain intent in mind.

For example:

A Red Stone might appear to be angry, judgmental, or fearful, now and then. He might lie, like Harry does, but it will always be an act (playing or pretending) to achieve a certain conscious purpose, provided you are truly awake and aware of what's going on and not just kidding yourself.

Everything is done deliberately and with proper motive.

Nothing is unconsciously spoken or done out of reacting to your environment because no one but you is pulling the strings. There are no buttons that others can push, so you are never a puppet.

Harry and friends spent Book 7 hunting down the pieces of Voldemort's soul that Voldemort had hidden in various artifacts and destroying them, one by one, so they could no longer take over the mind and control it ever again.

The Red Stone is, therefore, permanent. It's crystallized into permanency.

While it isn't the end of the Path, as you will then move into various assignments and creative purposes for life after life thereafter, the Red Stone is often spoken of as being the end to the alchemical process. It's not. Energy cannot be destroyed or created. If there was no beginning, there will be no end.

You have simply returned your true self back to the throne, and what you choose to do with yourself after that is up to you, but it's not the end.

The game never ends.

What Harry Potter and the alchemy theory does for you is show you reality. It shows you how to destroy your false self, the mechanical part of you that has taken over and is now in control of your thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and return your identity to what you really are. Permanently.

Red Stones generally return to earth wearing a cloak of invisibility, but since the people of the world are all at different points on the path, they are all at different levels of wakefulness. How awake a Red Stone is depends on WHO they are working with. A teacher will be greater than, equal to, or less than their students, depending on what the student needs to further develop.

In this way, a Red Stone is not the end of the path to enlightenment. There is always something new to learn, something new to experience, something new to see. Achieving pure consciousness and dumping the programming that has been keeping us enslaved comes with greater responsibility and being responsible never ends.

This is why the gate to the higher realms is closely guarded by the Christ force instead of the three-headed dog, which guards the gates of hell.

On the other hand, returning to the force of all isn't the pleasure and ecstasy that many Seekers believe it is.

If you believe the goal is a non-disturbed existence in some far off galaxy or dimension, then you are still functioning from your infant-created purpose to be non-disturbed, to some degree, and still caught in the spider web of lower consciousness. 

Higher consciousness is not concerned for self. There is no reward.

Harry -- at the end of the war with Voldemort -- found nothing to be happy about, nothing to celebrate among all of the death and destruction that the war has caused. This is because happiness is temporary and subjective and pure consciousness is completely objective.

Pure consciousness deals in facts, and not fantasy and rewards for doing.

A Red Stone is the way they are because they've reached a point in their personal development where they can't be anything else. Ascension to higher states of consciousness comes with a degree of sorrow, but also compassion and unconditional love for self and everything that is.

It's not the same type of pain that we experience here, on this planet, because the sorrow is pure and undefiled in the upper realms. But sorrow still exists.

Likewise love isn't what you think it is. Love isn't a connection or attraction or ecstatic feeling. There's no longing to physically unite with other beings because there is no such thing as separation. Separation is a figment of your imagination.

What people call love and ecstasy is a product of their imagination because the flower inside their heart is closed. They have imagined hat they think real love should feel like, rather than experienced what real love is.

Unconditional love comes with no conditions. It's a state of consciousness and not a feeling.

This state causes the rose in your heart to open up and bloom. Once the rose opens, you return here wearing the cloak of invisibility to assist others who are still in slavery and wish to retrieve the same rose you did before making their own journey home.

This is what you do.

Yes, there are states of bliss where the peace surpasses all understanding, but it's quite difficult to function at that level of existence. Harry didn't go to that blissful realm when he died. He went to King's Cross.

Once disembodied, Harry thought he needed guidance, so he asked Dumbledore what he was supposed to do now. Dumbledore's reply was simply, "I think you can catch a train if you like."

To where?

To go on, whatever that means.

But Harry couldn't think of himself. He was beyond that now, so his mind simply stated facts instead:

  • Voldemort was still alive.
  • The people of earth were still enslaved

There was really no choice for Harry to make. There was nothing to decide because . . . unconditional love always does the appropriate thing for the information it has.

Harry Potter and the Alchemy Theory is Reality

Throughout the Harry Potter series, Harry touches the lives of many individuals and makes a very real difference in their lives. He does exactly the same thing for the reader if you're willing to open up your mind and receive what he has to offer you.

While many laugh at the idea that Harry Potter contains real alchemical principles and ideas, due to the way it's presented as a children's fantasy tale, the alchemical power of Harry Potter to transform your life speaks for itself.

Harry Potter and the Alchemy Theory presents reality is the only way it can.

But don't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.