Are You Ready to Wake Up?

Phoenix Bird in Flight and Light
Harry Potter Leads the Way
 to Awakening and Transformation
There are numerous ideas about the concept of spiritual awakening. And while some people are truly being prepared for that event, and do have strange experiences and physical sensations during that preparatory process, most of what you hear about waking up is simply imagination.

When people believe they are more awake than they actually are, they are easily pulled into a world of fantasy and make-believe, which allows them to create and maintain a false picture of themselves.

This is why P. D. Ouspensky used to tell his students all the time that they were mechanical beings without the power to do anything real. He felt it was extremely important for them to face themselves from the very beginning.

However, the idea that you are a mechanical being and cannot do anything of value is only true while you're sleeping. Once the awakening process begins and you suddenly see what you're doing to yourself and others, the cataracts clouding your vision begin to dissolve.

Up until that startling first moment of realism, you simply slumber, dreaming much of your life away.

For Harry Potter, those dreams were enjoyable. In fact, he felt intruded upon when Aunt Petunia decided that Harry had slept long enough. It was time to get out of bed and start living . . .

Harry was Shocked Into Awakening

The way the spiritualists describe waking up, you'd think that it's a long, slow, leisurely process that requires a determined choice on our part, but that isn't the way Harry woke up. Lost in an enjoyable dream of a flying motorcycle, it was Aunt Petunia's shrill voice piercing the dream and insistent knocking that jarred Harry awake.

Up! Get up! Now!” she screamed, rapping on the door for a second time. “Up.”

Harry could hear his aunt walk toward the kitchen and then heard the sound of a frying pan being plopped down on the stove. Rolling onto his back, he tried to remember what he'd been dreaming about, but it was fading quickly.

That's when Aunt Petunia knocked for a third time. “Are you up yet?” she demanded. When Harry assured her that he was nearly up, she told him to get a move on. “I want you to look after the bacon. And don't you dare let it burn. I want everything perfect on Duddy's birthday.”

And with that revelation, Harry groaned. It was Dudley's birthday. How could he have forgotten?

Harry Didn't Have a Choice to Wake Up

Notice, that Harry really didn't have a choice as to whether he wanted to wake up or not. That was decided for him by his aunt.

However, keep in mind that while shocks wake us up, shocks don't have any real staying power. Yes, they can cause the authentic part of ourselves to jerk its eyes open, roll over, and look around, but the actually process of getting out of bed and staying awake took deliberate action on Harry's part.

He slowly got out of bed and began hunting around for a pair of socks.

We Cannot Wake Ourselves Up

Drawing of Harry Potter when Young

The main principle here is that we cannot wake ourselves up. Like Harry, we have been so deeply hypnotized by the false aspects of ourselves, those irresponsible parts that are in control of our thoughts, emotions, and reactions, that it took Aunt Petunia three knocks and lots of yelling before Harry could make the effort required to get up and get dressed.

In this particular scene, Harry represents the authentic part of ourselves, the spark of deity that slumbers away and remains undeveloped until some outside force gives us a good shaking. Almost everything up to that point in Harry's mind was a blurr. Harry can remember a flying motorcycle, but his unorganized mind has mixed reality with fantasy.

Sorting Spiders from Flying Motorcycles

Harry has no clue that the flying motorcycle is real.

He believes it's a part of the dream. A good dream. It's familiar to him because he's had that dream before, just like the spiders in his room are familiar, but he has no tools with which to separate fantasy from reality. He's gotten so used to the spiders that live where he sleeps, that he doesn't even see them as a threat.

Instead of perceiving the presence of spiders to be an emergency situation, Harry simply reaches out his hand, plucks a spider off his socks, and then puts his socks on as if spiders are simply a normal part of life.

In a way, they are.

Our false beliefs and misconceptions have become so mixed into our identity that when we first awaken, we have no way to know what's real and what isn't. Our own personal cupboard under the stairs is as full of spiders as Harry's is, and like Harry, we've come to accept those spiders in the bedroom as being who we are.

We simply don't know any better, which is why it's so easy to fool ourselves into believing that we are awake when we are not. Until one has experienced being awake, even if only for a few seconds, it's easy for the false aspects of ourselves to trick us into believing that we are awake.

To be awake, we have to remember that it's Dudley's birthday, switch our identity from spider to observer, and pluck those spiders off our socks. Otherwise, we will be so caught up in wishing we were Dudley that we won't be able to be ourselves.

We'll be slaves to everything that happens to us and so caught up in feelings of self pity, resentment, and anger, that we won't be able to see the challenges and difficulties in life for what they are. It is only as I, the observer, is able to see the self for what it is, that I becomes free to dis-identify and experience truth.

No one can do that for us.

What is the Biggest Stumbling Block to Waking Up?

Woman in Pink Sitting Up in Bed, Light Pouring Into Room
What is Standing in Our Way of Waking Up?

The biggest stumbling block to waking up and staying awake isn't the fact that we've identified with the personality and surrounded our self with spiders.

Everyone has done that.

The main thing standing in our way is seeing transformation and transmutation as a goal to achieve. Once we do that, once we set up certain conditions that we expect to receive at a future date and begin struggling to achieve that goal, we shut out today.

We block ourselves off from discovering the joy that can be ours in the moment.

We wall ourselves off from being happy and peaceful right now.

And we make it impossible to transform our purpose into something useful to Life because the only thing of value to us is obtaining the goal.

Waking up isn't about getting.

Waking up is about DOING.

And doing is something we can't do if we're anxiously engaged in trying to transform ourselves into the ideal person. If you have a goal, any goal, it's impossible to be peaceful within. “What is,” is what you have when you're not struggling to achieve a goal. Integration isn't something we gain.

Integration is what's left when all of the illusions and spiders have been plucked off of our socks. It's our true nature, the nature that's been covered up and hid beneath the cloak of invisibility. Integration won't bring us what we believe we should be.

Integration leaves us with what we really are, and not what we're pretending to be.

All of the pretense, all of the protective walls and buffers, all of the bull-crap has to go.

Are you ready to turn around, come face-to-face with yourself, and be what you are?

If so, then Harry Potter is there to show you THE WAY.