About Us

Sharing the Magic Offers You A Spark of Sanity!

Hi. I am Vickie Ewell.

I'm an author and gluten-free recipe curator who is addicted to Harry Potter, NCIS, and personal development.

Are you a self-improvement junkie?

We take the deep concepts and symbolism found in ancient writings, books, movies, television shows, myths, current events, and anything else that catches our attention, and then put them into simple language that you can understand. 

This helps you to access what past spiritual-awakening experts have said, and invites you to use the keys of self-knowledge to experiment with conscious living for yourself.

In our fast-paced society, it's easy to get distracted in day-to-day living, swallow the opinions of others, or pass the responsibility for contemplation and maturity onto someone else. Personal development isn't easy. You have to literally change the way that you think.

Unlike traditional religion, we don't believe in one single form of ideology. Truth can be found in a wide variety of places, writings, and religions, and each subconscious mind is populated with different beliefs, ideals, and misconceptions that are blocking growth and development.

While there are core issues that everyone has, the bulk of self-development Work falls on you and your own unique composite personality.

We try not to talk in generalities, and unlike other self-development blogs, we don't teach you how to make your personality stronger. Instead, we offer real ancient wisdom that dissolves your spiritual blindness and gives you practical methods for obtaining inner peace and higher levels of consciousness. Expanding consciousness isn't about strengthening your attachment to world.

However, if you want to understand why you're procrastinating, how stress is physically affecting you, or how to handle the emotions and challenges of life, you'll find that here, and more.

We will explain what's causing your inner conflict, struggle, and resistance to what's going on, so you can take the necessary steps to clean your thoughts, beliefs, and soul. Every post will give you real-life information that you can use in your everyday work.

We don't just talk the talk because ancient wisdom is useless if you don't apply it. Withdrawing from the world isn't the aim here, so we try to help you see your core motivation for what you do, as well as show you the methods you're currently using that are not productive.

True spiritual growth requires you to dig below the surface of the soil to find the pearl that is hidden within. You have to remove the masks you are presenting to the world, and find the courage to look into the mirror at your own reflection. Only then can you begin to achieve the real personal development that you seek.

Since there are no standards or rules you have to live up to, feel free to take from our posts what's useful for your understanding and growth, and toss the rest away. Or, perhaps you might want to save something your mind wants to immediately reject to be revisited at a later time.

There is no pressure here to conform to our way of thinking.

I have been studying this stuff for all of my life, and working with the Teaching material for over 10 years now. And I can honestly say that waking up and staying conscious every minute of the day takes years of effort and practice.

Freedom is a long-term game. There is always something new to learn about yourself, and there is always something new to discover about the world you live in.

However, every little observation you make changes your personal vibration. Each tweak changes the vibration going out into the world, for better or worse. You literally change the world when you change the way that you think and respond to what's going on.

For that reason, it's never too late to get started. And there is no change that is too small or insignificant to make. Everything you do can make a difference in the world. Everything you do matters.

So if you'd like to learn more about yourself and how you can make a real difference in the world, make sure that you subscribe to this blog by email. You'll get a simple notification each time a new post is up. Nothing more.