About Us

Sharing the Magic Offers You Another Way

Many spiritual teachers claim to have the magic keys to awaken you from your life of illusion and inner conflict.

These magical potions come in the form of ideology, standards of behavior, and rules to live by. Often, they are accompanied by promises of some future pleasurable experience that you can only have if you follow the path laid out by them and fulfill all of the needed requirements to receive that blessing.

If you choose not to take advantage of the blessing they offer, you're also warned that you'll incur the wrath of a just god upon you. Those who decide that liberation and escape from this sphere of existence isn't what they want to seek after are told that they are doomed to live in a never-ending cycle of birth and death.

You can only ascend into the heavenly realms if you do it their way.

How is that any different from traditional religion?

There are magic keys that can unlock the doors to understanding yourself and others, resulting in wisdom and inner peace, the growth of the soul, and a greater ability to love, but this personal development does not come by following others. It doesn't come from being a member of a group.

Personal development is a direct result of letting your true self out of the closet.

It comes when you have reached the point in your troubled life where you are ready to question what's really going on here and have the courage to come face-to-face with First Matter when she introduces herself to you. Life isn't what you think it is, and heaven isn't where you think it is, either.

Development comes when you are sick and tired of getting beat up by the challenges and inconsistencies of life, when you're done being a slave to other people's will, and begin to question why you're here and what you can actually do to live life in a meaningful way.

It comes when you are ready and prepared to learn about your true nature, your infinite potential, and your willingness to see that you have been deceived into identifying with an imaginary persona, and you're ready and willing to now live another way.

Sharing the Magic offers you that other way.

What You Can Expect to Find Here

I was first introduced to The Teachings in the form of the Mormon Endowment several decades ago.

Since then, I have traveled a lengthy, rocky path in search of Truth. This path first led me through the muddy waters of Mormon Fundamentalism, the spiritual Mormon underground, and into the clutches of a strong Last Days movement.

From there, I was introduced to various spiritual entities, such as Max Skousen, G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky, Robert Gibson, and many others who have had a major impact on my inner spiritual life.

Through experimenting with the various ideas I was introduced to, I came to know for myself what was valuable and what wasn't. What made sense to keep and what I needed to throw away.

So, here, you'll find the fertile soil you need to plant your own soul's seed of future development.

You'll get the warmth of the sun, the gentle rain, the needed nourishment and proper fertilizer that will allow your soul to bust through the seed's shell, grow upward enough to peek its head through the soil's crust, and then begin to grow into whatever you want to be.

There are no rules here. No doctrine. No one single way to grow your soul. You don't have to choose the Right-Hand Path or the Left-Hand Path. Neither of those two extremes are balanced. Neither are correct.

Here, you're free to take the Teaching Ideas presented and experiment with them for yourself to see what happens.

There is no other way to know the value of an idea if you do not try it out for yourself and then either toss it aside or make it your own. I cannot tell you the Truth. You have to evolve into the Truth.

For those who seek the magic keys of personal development, all you have to do is look inside your mind and heart. That is where you'll find the barriers that are hindering your growth. You won't find what you're looking for outside of yourself in a group or religion because there are no authorities.

There are no standards you have to live by.

There are only unique individuals.

Sharing is Caring!

Transforming the world won't happen if spiritual traditions keep hording the truth they have to themselves. All that does is hold people back and keep them ignorant of their true nature and potential.

Secrecy offers transformation privileges to a few select individuals, while millions of souls continue to suffer due to their unrealized inner conflict, resistance, and struggle to turn the world into what they believe it ought to be.

While I understand the concept behind not giving your pearls to the swine, lest they turn around and rend you, I'm not buying the whole idea of secrecy.

Secrecy is why the world is in the mess it's in.

Secrecy is how we became enslaved to the senses in the first place. Secrecy is how marketing, education, the media, and even our friends and family keep manipulating us and tightening the reins. Millions are ignorant of what they are, where they are, what's going on, and what they can do about it -- because humanity has lost its self-knowledge.

Why should I keep that self-knowledge to myself?

Who am I to judge whether you're ready to receive what I have to offer you, or not? Who am I to say you may, or may not, be harmed by hearing what I know?

It is through the generosity of many spiritual giants who crossed my path several years ago that I was given the information I needed to learn the truth about myself, what I am, and what's going on here, so Sharing the Magic was created to pass those keys onto you.

Sharing the Magic is Here to Assist You to Awaken

Sharing the Magic can assist you in the awakening process, but we cannot do the Work for you. 

You have to see your own core motivation -- why you do what you do -- and evaluate it's value and usefulness in your life. You have to go below the surface details that everyone else can see about you and look into the darkest corners of your mind for those subtle motivations that are not so easy to see.

You must look where you don't want to look.

You must go into the basement where all the creepy, crawly things live and see how you falsely believe that your very survival here depends on you having your own way. You have to see your tendency to control, your need to always be right, your distorted beliefs about why others do what they do.

You must find the courage to look into the mirror.

To see as you are seen and know yourself as others know you is the greatest gift that you could give the world.

You will have seen the false self for what it is.

You will have seen how the false self hides reality and feeds you dreams, illusions, ideals, and pure fantasies to stay alive. Once you accept that a false self exists, you'll be able to look at your prime motivation, and what drives you to be you.

Only then can you decide its value. Only then can you decide what's to your advantage to do. Only then can you know what you really WANT to be.

Sharing the Magic Can't Tell You the Truth 

Truth isn't an object. It's a conscious energy substance that is in all things, and throughout all things. In a very real way, you can say that it IS all things.

No one can sit you down and tell you the truth because truth isn't something that can be passed on with words. Truth isn't a thing. You evolve into Truth because Truth is what you really are.

This means it's your responsibility to find and use whatever methods of self development work best for you. I can only share the ideas found in The Teachings, those I've been introduced to myself, and give you encouragement to experiment with those ideas for yourself.

Self experimentation is the only way to know if they are valuable and useful to you, or they are not. If they aren't, simply toss them away. I've done that with a few of the ideas myself. There are no rules or standards here. That's what real self development is all about. 

To truly awaken, maintain that awakened condition, and expand your consciousness, you have to first cut away the dead branches of belief and illusion. 

Next, you have to tame your personality.

You also have to take charge of your emotional state, as well as your overall state of being. Allowing your feelings to control what you do is letting your emotions be in control of what you think and do.

The aim of personal development is to do what you do deliberately and with full knowledge and understanding of what you're doing and why.

This is what Sharing the Magic offers you.