Basic Principles

The Path of Spiritual Awakening and Transmutation Awaits

Ancient Wisdom has been passed down through the ages by word of mouth to those who were ready and willing to not only accept its principles, but put forth the effort necessary to transcend human nature.

In the past, these sacred ideas were only found within the walls of a mystery school and taught to a small, select group of students.

Often, an invitation to enter into these secret schools and brotherhoods was only offered after a lengthy search for the Ancient Teachings. These Teachings were not of an exoteric nature. They were not a literal dogma, like the outward form that most religions and spiritual philosophies are based on.

Instead, the Ancient Teachings deal with inner reality, enabling you to explore your self and come to know the mind, heart, and body in a whole new and different way. Anciently, this knowledge was kept hidden from the masses, those who were not prepared to handle such realities, which is why little of the actual ideas have been passed down to us in written form.

What we have are allegories, parables, and complicated drawings overflowing with symbolic meaning for those who have the spiritual eyes to see and the spiritual ears to hear the music.

These writings and works of art were not a means of transferring the secret knowledge, however. They were simply a way for one Seeker to talk to another without being discovered.

Much like how the wizarding world within the Harry Potter books are terrified that the muggles will discover they exist, souls traveling the path of transmutation hid what they knew behind "blinds" and drawings, fanciful tales of frogs and buried treasure, and odd chemical experiments like trying to turn lead into gold.

Today, the Teachings are still not promoted openly, but some of the ideas have been written down in various forms.

When I first became acquainted with them, they were passed onto me orally in the form of a religious endowment, which today no longer exists. The keys of knowledge have been removed from that ceremony.

Since then, I have run into other Ancient Wisdom streams, such as The Fourth Way, which takes Eastern Mystery Tradition as experienced by G. I. Gurdjieff, and puts it into Western thought, making it easier for Westerners to understand and use those Eastern ideas.

Robert Gibson and others took the Teachings, as delivered by G. I. Gurdjieff or P. D. Ouspensky, and experimented with them for their selves, and passed on their experiential knowledge, as well.

Today, we have many different sources to draw upon and lots of ideas to experiment with, so on this page, you'll find all of the links to the basic concepts of awakening consciousness, as well as posts that will introduce you to the idea of multiplicity, the process of self-observation, and how to initiate the transmutation process.

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