Harry Potter

Harry Potter and Alchemy

I was first introduced to Harry Potter when hubby and I went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at the movies. I was extremely curious about the whole Harry Potter phenomenon due to the vicious attacks coming from Mormon friends, as well as the Christian community at large.

After seeing the movie, I was even more confused than I was before I saw the film.

Harry Potter wasn't your typical witch and wizard movie. It wasn't trying to get kids interested in becoming a witch or wizard, and didn't contain any real spells or dark magic. It was more of a fantasy story, interlaced with good, wholesome values and reminded me of Stephen King's good-versus-evil plots more than anything else.

To say that Harry Potter was written to pollute the minds of the upcoming generation and get them interested in becoming witches and wizards themselves was totally absurd.

After renting the two prior movies we missed, I did have to admit that there was a power connected to the Harry Potter story that I didn't understand, but it was not evil. The vibrational energy that poured forth from the books was much higher than that.

It wasn't until I started to read the books that it dawned on me how closely the story aligned with ancient alchemy.

The story was loaded with alchemical symbols, names, and straightforward references. Plus, the higher self kept saying over and over again, "This is Alchemy. This is Alchemy."

Even the author freely admitted that she studied alchemy for several years before she started writing the first book, and used alchemy to keep the magic in the story consistent.

In addition to alchemy, the book contains Christian symbols, and fits into many spiritual traditions like Tao, Buddhism, Gnosticism, and the Fourth Way. At first, I was completely bowled over by that fact, but today, I have a better understanding of where religion and spiritual tradition comes from, than I had then.

This makes Harry Potter a goldmine of spiritual ideas.

Like all novels, it offers you a chance to see yourself within the characters and, thereby, use them like a mirror to discover more of the roadblocks that are hindering your personal development.

To help you see what I mean, the links on this page introduce you to the concepts in Harry Potter that align with the alchemical process, mirror the Ancient Teachings, and introduce you to yourself.

You'll find posts on how to use Harry Potter in your daily life and recognize lower states of consciousness when you see them. You'll also get a front-stage view of common man through the Dursleys and learn the basic principles of symbolism.